Chamong Green Tea: A Health Drink

There is good reason why many Asian societies have been drinking green tea for hundreds of years. In fact, archeological records show that people have been steeping green tea leaves for over 5,000 years! Discover why:


•    Refreshing, stimulating, energizer, and stamina booster
•    Delays symptoms of ageing
•    Boosts the immune system and improves blood circulation
•    Fights harmful bacteria and viruses, including diarrhea, cold & flu     
•    Controls obesity, blood pressure, and diabetes
•    Regulates and reduces cholesterol levels
•    Fights the build-up of sticky plaque in the arteries
•    Speeds up fat burning
•    Reduces risks of heart attack and stroke
•    Decreases risks of certain types of cancer
•    Reduces risk of osteoporosis and builds stronger bones
•    Reduces risks of developing rheumatoid arthritis
•    Prevents cavities and gum disease