The stores in our locality are flooded with varieties of teas, often leaving us confused in finding the perfect cup.

Besides factors like budget and mood, one must have a proper knowledge as to what the tea offers in terms of aroma, taste and medical values.

Chamong, offers an exotic variety of organic teas which are not only packed with health but come in range that would suit every occasion and mood -Spring tea, Monsoon tea, Green tea, Flavoured tea, White tea and the list goes on.

Darjeeling black tea: The leaves plucked in the prime season, offer a light, clear and bright refreshing liquor.

Green tea: The coppery gold brew is packed with anti-oxidants promising a healthy sip.

Monsoon tea: Strong in taste, the tea has a sweet aroma that awakens the mind and refreshes the spirit.

Summer flush: Experience the real Darjeeling muscatel flavor and mellow mature taste.

Canada’s Natural Health Products Directorate (NHPD) has rated Chamong teas as a natural health product.