Only about 87 tea gardens in the world have the right to produce tea that can use the Darjeeling name and logo. All of these tea gardens can be found in a very small area: only about 19000 hectares spread over 7 main valleys in just one district in the state of West Bengal in India.

This very beautiful, very unique, very lush and green region lies in the hilly beginnings of the North Eastern Himalayas. Here, 4000-6000 feet above sea level, the perennially snow covered Kanchenjunga—the 3rd highest mountain peak in the Himalayas—dominates a landscape that is breathtakingly misty, mystic and absolutely magical.

An always crisp weather; pure and clean air; ice-sparkling waterfalls; innumerable clear mountain streams and a sun that pours liquid gold onto the fertile and luxuriant hills—these are the vital ingredients that make Darjeeling a tea without equal; and a taste that cannot be replicated anywhere else on Earth.

Darjeeling tea has 3 times the Volatile Flavory Constituents of any other tea. To your taste buds, this translates to an incomparable burst of the distinctive Darjeeling muscatel flavor that comes from the rich soil and the enchantment of the land where this tea grows.