If you want to see one of nature’s most spectacular shows, the Tiger Hill peak near Darjeeling is the best seat in the house!

From here, you can stare, breathless and awestruck, at the dramatic entry of the morning sun as it rises from behind the mighty Kanchenjunga and slowly brings to light the most mesmerizing of vistas you can see on earth.

Here, in this staircase to heaven 4500 to 6000 feet above sea level, you will fine the 120 year old, high-altitude tea estate known as Pussimbing.

This heritage garden is in itself known to inspire quite a few gasps of appreciation for its breathtaking panorama—tall and dense natural forests with a variety of mountain wildlife; 2 sparkling rivers chuckling their happiness as they hop and skip across the boulders on their way down the mountain; the many streams and waterfalls you are sure to encounter as you walk through Pussimbing.

In fact, the Lepcha name Pussimbing—“full of natural streams”— describes this estate beautifully. Pussimbing occupies pride of place in a division called Mingoo from the Lepcha word Minge—“the valley hidden in the fog.”

Pussimbing’s local residents are all of Nepalese origin and their entire economic and social health depends on the estate. Most families here have one or more members employed in the tea garden. The estate takes a major degree of responsibility for their education, health and hygiene. The tea factory on the traditional estate was modernized by the Chamong Group with the latest machinery. The natural resources of the numerous fast streams on the estate are now tapped to make hydro-electric power to run the machinery. This helps in minimizing pollution in the sensitive area and also aids in saving fossil fuels.

In keeping with the Chamong Group’s commitment to ecological conservation, Pussimbing converted to 100% organic cultivation as early as 1994 and is certified by IMO control, Switzerland. Within just a few years of conversion to organic, there has been a marked improvement in the soil structure and a resurgence of beautiful wildflowers and weeds, herbs and medicinal forest plants and other flora that had begun to dwindle over the years. Butterflies, birds and bees and small wild animals have also shown their appreciation with rising numbers and nests in the area.

The tea bushes, too, have indicated their preference to the natural, chemical free nutrition of the soil with an appreciable increase in the burst of flavor in both the premium China and the Assam hybrid varieties of bushes that are cultivated here.

Brew yourself a cup of Pussimbing this morning and taste the texture of sunlight as it is poured over the mountain sky at dawn; smell the aroma of the “valley hidden in the fog” in the mists that rise from your cup; feel on top of the world as you participate in a spectacle choreographed by Nature.