A cup of tea is a healthy dose of preventive medicine. This age old beverage has been universally acknowledged as:

  • An alternative medicine
  • Immunity and fitness builder
  • Disease combating
  • Nutritional and energy booster

Studies have shown that tea helps in fighting glaucoma and eye disorders. Recently, doctors have been recommending tea as a preventing measure against cancer and treatment of damaged skin of cancer patients.

It’s all possible due to its anti-oxidant properties present in tea.Pigallocatechin-3 gallate (EGCG) contained in tea is helpful in treating a variety of diseases. Its phytochemicals help in maintaining bones. Its fluoride component fights plaque and gives an individual a well deserved healthy smile to kick off the day. To top it all, tea keeps one hydrated and energized right through the day – making the most preferred beverage worldwide.

Chamong, being in the trade since 1961 and acknowledged as a world class brand assures that the finest quality of tea reaches all conveniently. Chamong tea is grown organically in all its gardens. Therefore there is no compromise on its nutritional benefits. The tea is hygienically packed to promise the best in health and flavour.