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Corporate Social Responsibility

“Enriching livelihoods of the tea community that made us"

Chamong Group is adamant about inspiring change across the tea industry that so often is unfair to the very human resource that makes tea production possible. We at Chamong, acknowledge that our continued growth as a company relies on the well-being of our human resource, especially those striving in high altitude gardens. Chamong family envisages to protect and provide for all the lives intertwined with the business and tradition of hand-picked tea.

Here are some of our prided CSR projects that distinguishes us from the others in the tea trade:

● Our collaboration with Fair-trade helps us provide welfare to our workforce. When our buyers purchase tea under the Fair-trade brand, they pay a premium. We use this to ensure general welfare for our workers, as per their own volition.

● Chamong Group provides all workers in Assam with bicycles to make travel and logistics more accessible, along with utensils and cooking material for societies and communities of the workers.

● Chamong Group sanctioned the provision of over 5000 LPG connections, distributed 500-litre water tanks, LED bulbs and insulated water bottles to all tea workers in Darjeeling and Assam.

● Workers in Assam and Darjeeling have been provided with high-quality durable Milton Tiffin Carriers that they can carry to work. This helps them eat and stay nourished at all times, even when working in the fields.

● The tea plucking community, comprising a fully female workforce, are provided with medical facilities, especially to tend to pregnancy-related emergencies. Further, nurseries have been set up for the safety and care of babies and children of the women who work at our plantations.

● In 2020, over 3000 blankets were distributed to all tea plantation workers in Assam and Darjeeling to help them tackle the harsh and chilly winters of the hills.

● Chamong Tee Exports Pvt. Ltd. and Fair-trade joined hands to organize a Women’s Football Tournament for our female workers in Assam as well in Darjeeling. The semi-finals and the finals of this tournament were hosted amidst the beauty of the Himalayas, in Darjeeling. This was the first time in history that a tea company had organized a women’s football tournament.

● Chamong Group has revamped our energy requirements by investing to convert the tea plantations in Darjeeling to use only LPG-powered energy and in Assam, to use clean energy in the form of natural gas. This protects our immediate environment from degradation.

● The company’s CSR projections in the next two years include a large-scale project to establish a cooperative shop named Annapurna Cooperative registered under the Government of West Bengal. The aim is to tend to all day-to-day necessities that the workers might have trouble gaining access to in the difficult mountainous terrains.

● Chamong Group continues to remain fully liable for the safety and wellbeing of our tea plantation workers. In this regard, we have built four medical care centres and dispensaries that cater to all medical requirements and emergencies that any of our workers may face.

Chamong group stands by its focus and drive to share its fortunes with the tea community that is incredibly precious and absolutely indispensable to us. We have been effectively changing the way we operate, to cater to the well-being of our society for over a decade. We continue to receive grants and concurrent support from many prestigious institutions from all around the world owing to the identity and credibility we have built by, simply, caring and delivering quality.

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