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Tea production is not an independent process. It depends on the community of workers, fostering amicable client and customer relations and stepping up in unison to make the world a better place for tomorrow’s generation. Ownership of the most iconic heritage tea estates in Darjeeling lead us to passionately venture into the world of luxury Tea Tourism with our two embellished properties – Chamong Chiabari in Pokhriabong, Darjeeling and Tumsong Tea Retreat in Tumsong, Darjeeling. These non-commercial luxury abodes, away from the hustle of city life, have attracted prestigious guests from across the globes. Our inspiration? The unspoken connection that tea creates between people, cultures and communities.

Tea Tourism 

“Chamong Chiabari Group of Resorts thrives to deliver the promise of an immersive tea tourism experience” The advent of tea tourism has seen exponential growth, especially in India, owing to an ever-expanding community of tea tasters & enthusiasts. From understanding the careful procedure of hand-plucking the leaves to the varying flavours of the different seasonal flushes, it is truly an experience that invokes curiosity. Tea Tourism is an adventure that prepares you to leave your comfort zone and explore beyond the confines of your home, into the warmth of nature and the hills. It not only offers travellers a unique opportunity to discover, taste and enjoy pure Darjeeling teas right at their point of origin, but also to explore the beauty of the misty hills and the lush tea gardens. Chamong Group of Resorts, being one of the first to introduce Tea Tourism in India, understands the cultural and educational value of their hospitality venture. It is this responsibility as a pioneer tea brand that encouraged us to introduce the mesmerising world of tea to adventure and travel enthusiasts across the globe.

Our Establishments

In a world of machine-harvested tea, our resorts are a humble attempt to raise awareness about the time, skill and labour-intensive production process of our handcrafted signature teas. A walk through Chamong’s gardens in remote locations and a visit to the Chamong and Tumsong tea factories draw attention to the details of tea production and the importance of tea tasting

Distant from the humdrum of the Darjeeling town, Chamong Chiabari is a luxury property situated in the golden valleys of Pokhriabong, Darjeeling. The resort, surrounded by 350 acres of evergreen Himalayan tea gardens, is adorned with cosy wooden interiors and the aesthetics of a tea plantation manager’s bungalow. The property is located 3000 metres above sea level with the grandeur of a 360-degree panoramic view of the valleys and meadows of Darjeeling. Highly acclaimed for its vibrant views of the Himalayas and bird watching activities, Chamong Chiabari has its own enchanting aura. The resort takes pride in curating a personalised experience that allows its guests to unwind and rejuvenate amidst the tranquil mysticism of the hills and sip on the immaculate blends of premium organic tea. Alongside a global and all organic culinary experience, Chiabari offers all possible basic and luxury amenities to their guests despite its remote location.
Tumsong Tea Retreat is another prided property under the Chamong Group of Resorts. Located in Tumsong, Darjeeling, it is a heritage property with an idyllic charm and an undisturbed view of the Kanchenjunga range. Tumsong Tea Retreat, recognised as a heritage tourism site by the Government of West Bengal, is a property that offers an unmatchable otherworldly charm. The boutique hotel has been refurbished from a 150-year-old Burra Sahib bungalow that was established by British plantation managers and was home to prestigious families such as the Warnicke family. The quaint and magnificent indoors with vintage furniture, an indoor fireplace, a cosy library lounge and suites with a Victorian bath, that dates back to the British era, Tumsong is truly an experience that takes one back in time.
A short trek away from the bungalow, the Tumsong riverside is another unexplored gem with lush tea gardens, exotic flora and fauna on either side. The tea retreat organises an intriguing guided tour of the Tumsong tea factory, followed by a flavourful and informative tea tasting experience hosted by the hospitality professionals of Tumsong. It is an unforgettable escapade for adventure-seeking tourists who seek the beauty and flavours of Tumsong.

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