Chamong Tee

A family legacy Since 1916

Chamong Tee estates are a generational business of growing, harvesting, and producing some of India’s finest tea. The family first ventured into the prestigious tea industry of India as early as 1916 when they acquired their first tea garden in Assam and flourished ever since.


The Chamong family’s impeccable know-how, when it comes to producing tea of the highest quality imaginable, enabled them to expand to 4 estates in Assam and 13 in the misty hills of Darjeeling. Altogether, Chamong family produces some of the most valuable varieties of tea in the world, each cultivated with great care at our iconic tea estates.


Above all, while remaining at par with sustainability & international production standards, Chamong Group is a pioneer of authentic Darjeeling & Assam tea appreciated by connoisseurs of all echelons.

Exclusively Handcrafted, Select Blends

Organic Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling tea is the heart of Chamong Group and the very crux of the company’s exponential growth across international…

Organic Assam Tea

Chamong Group ventured into the fascinating world of tea with its first plantation in Assam as early as 1916 …

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