The Assam Gardens

Chamong Group ventured into the fascinating world of tea with its first plantation in Assam as early as 1916, long before India gained its independence. Even though the British Era was markedly a very difficult period for our nation, this is when the budding tea growers of India sowed the seeds of prosperity that have now made the country one of the major players in the tea industry in international markets. Our tea gardens, highly acclaimed by the European elites owing to the value of their produce, now stand as iconic heritage estates with a colourful history of struggle & glory. Alongside fruity, tangy and muscatel flavours our brews also come with a hint of nostalgia & patriotic eminence. At present, Chamong Group nurtures 5 tea estates in Assam that are commercially viable and have set the highest benchmark in the industry with regards to organic, authentic, and sustainably sourced Assam tea. Our strict adherence to traditional methods and our organic processes reflect the heritage and history that our company resonates with ever since its establishment over 100 years ago. Our reliance on historically proven techniques of growing and harvesting hand-crafted flavours of premium organic teas, intertwined with imported modern machinery, has given us a competitive edge, enabling the brand to sustain & excel over the years. Although a heritage brand, Chamong Tee is one of the first among the tea giants of the industry to innovate and modernise the harvesting & production of hand-picked tea.

Our Plantations