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Chamong Chronicles

A Family Legacy Since 1916

Chamong Group was established during the British Era in 1916 when the Lohia family ventured into exporting premium tea in niche markets. Our tea, ever since, has been a favourite of connoisseurs across the world and we have continued to expand our tea estates as a generational tradition of growing, harvesting, and producing some of India’s most premium-grade organic tea.

The family-owned, professionally managed, Chamong Group is now into its glorious 7th generation. Since its inception, Chamong Group has been an upholder of harmony and fair trade practices in the company’s well-knit tea community and beyond. The geological diversity of Chamong’s gardens is one of the many reasons that make the brand a benchmark of quality & flavour.

Chamong Group produces some of the world’s finest teas and enjoys an enviable reputation across the globe. Chamong Tee Exports was incorporated in 1992 with the mission to market and export signature Indian tea blends with unique aromatic flavour profiles that hold the power to win any connoisseur’s heart.

As humble caretakers of prestigious and proprietary tea estates, some of which date back to the 18th Century, today we are focused on the use of state-of-the-art modernization, vast infrastructure, and technologically advanced production techniques.

A Generational Tradition Of Growing, Harvesting, And Producing Some Of India’s Finest Tea.